Terra Ignota

A Siege and a Crypt

27 Neth 4711, a Sunday

Karandrahan, Maccus and Auzhek started the day heading to the church to visit Father Symys, hoping he could heal Karandrahan’s wounded animal companion. Upon their arrival, it was discovered that goblins had somehow gotten into the church and barricaded the bridge that approaches it. Lacking any significant ranged firepower, the party asked for some help from the village— Stefan, a local hunter, offered to fire flaming arrows at the wooden barricade. He volleyed a few arrows at the goblins, who returned fire. Stefan was struck, wounded, and would have died had not Auzhek and Karandrahan rushed to his aid.

Maccus drew the goblins’ attention by boldly stepping forward and reciting a soliloquy on autumn. The goblins were fascinated by his performance, which provided enough of a distraction for the bard and Auzhek to approach within striking distance. Once the two goblins on the bridge were dispatched, the group went into the church where they found more goblins holding Father Symys hostage, demanding holy water and ranting about humans not staying dead. After a brief battle, the goblins and their bugbear thug were defeated, just in time for an undead ghoul to rise up and attack. The creature proved to be the merchant Riggen taken to the church with previous injuries. Auzhek scored a particularly telling hit to slay the ghoul.

Once things settled, Father Symys was able to heal the party back to full strength, in addition to providing the group with vials of holy water, and healing potions for later. The three set out to visit Sir Barrett’s cottage.

Once there, they discovered an empty barn, and a house wracked with an unnatural cold. Further exploration revealed brown mold feeding on all heat it could siphon from the house, and a giant, bear-sized skunk in the barn. Karandrahan’s affinity for animals proved handy, as he was able to cox the creature away and without a fight. They left the house to be dealt with later.

Following a short path behind the house, the group found the crypt and monument Sir Barrett had built for his friends some 40 years ago. Inside, fire beetles meandered aimlessly, until Karandrahan and Maccus used dancing lights to distract them. Another door inside the tomb swung open, and five foot centipede darted out and attacked Maccus. Karandrahan’s cheetah and Auzhek moved to surround the creature, with Auzhek pausing long enough to pull shut the door the insect came through. Moments after the centipede was slain, Auzhek could feel a palpable wave of evil through the door he had just closed. It seems to be latched from this side, but can it be opened from the other side?
Pzopss0014 e centipede



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