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  • Stephanie

    She is a serving wench at the Forest Bounty feast hall in [[Tamran]]. She is an avid fan of [[:maccus-kittenstouch-idolhands | Maccus]].

  • Hilda Martom

    Before Lady Kittenstouch married Lord Idolhands ([[:maccus-kittenstouch-idolhands | Maccus's]] parents), she was romantically involved with [[:sir-barrett | Sir Barrett]]. Hilda is the result of that relationship, a fact very few people are aware of. …

  • Weslen Gavirk

    Forest Marshal Weslen Gavirk is the recently elected leader of the forested nation of [[Nirmathas | Nirmathas]]. Born in the capital of [[Tamran]], he has seen his city sacked five times by the armies of [[Molthune]]. His face is easily recognizable in …

  • Reginar Lanklan

    Reginar lived in Tamran and the surrounding woods for most of his life, but joined up with the Pathfinders —an organization that seeks out lost secrets and treasures— a few years back after uncovering the lost burial site of Emarry Oakheart, a famous …

  • Randal

    Randal is a healer in the employ of the [[Tamran | Tamran]] City Watch. He is competent, and knows [[:weslen-gavirk | Weslen Gavirk]] well enough to offer council.

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