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  • Father Symys

    Father Symys is a priest of Iomedae who sees to the needs of the people of [[Lakespride]]. He is in his late sixties, and has a patient, friendly demeanor about him. Symys has lived in Lakespride for about 25 years.

  • Stefan

    First appearance: [[A Siege and a Crypt | A Siege and a Crypt]] Stefan is a hunter local to the [[Lakespride]] area. When goblins barricaded themselves in the church, he was recruited to fire a volley of arrows at the pests. The goblins returned fire, …

  • Bronetri Broadshine

    Bronetri Broadshine is the blacksmith of [[Lakespride | Lakespride]]. He is a skilled craftsman, and takes tremendous pride in his work. He would see his well-made tools (and weapons) be put to good use rather than be displayed as works of art. !http:// …

  • Kira Bly

    In the spring of 4708 AR, Kira Bly came into [[Lakespride]] looking to start a business. The local carpentry shop was best known for being run by the town drunk, so when she purchased it from him, no one was terribly upset. In less than two years, Kira …

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