Sir Barrett

Deceased Local Hero


Sir Barrett Martom was tall, with a thin athletic build. Despite his over seventy years of age, he stood straight and carried himself with confidence. His hair and beard had long ago turned a dignified gray.


Barrett was a paladin dedicated to Iomedae. He gave up active adventuring some 40 years ago, after his companions gave their lives to defeat the great evil that was the Ghoul King. Barrett served as an unofficial champion of the Lakespride area, often riding along with merchant caravans that passed through the area to ensure their safety.

His body was found in the tomb he had built for his companions, perhaps dragged there from elsewhere. It is not known how he died, but his remains showed signs of predation. After the party killed the creature believed responsible, he was taken back to Lakespride for a proper service and burial.

Sir Barrett

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