Quimbly Shortcloak

Small, but deadly.


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Quimbley “Quim” Shortcloak

Race: Halfling

Class: Rogue

Alignment: Neutral (good), he is an
opportunist yes, but stands up for the helpless,
especially children.

Description: 3’3", 33lbs, 35 years behind
him, shoulder length dark hair (sometimes full
of leaves), dark eyes, light heart and easy
smile. He wears blues and grays (his mother’s
favorite colors).



Personality/mannerisms: brave, resourceful, afraid of cats, very superstitious.
He hates the undead and studies them in order to better hunt them due to a massacre
of his family, and his village that forced him to turn to living in the forest and becoming
self sufficient.

He values friendship and camaraderie, but is just as happy alone or in the company of
the creatures of the forest.

Things not nailed down can be considered his when unseen by prying eyes. Things
nailed down are negotiable.

Quirks: He loves to climb to a higher vantage point to make up for his size and better
observe situations, both social and strategic. This can be trees in the woods, a large
rock at a cave’s mouth, or even in the middle of an inn, if a purchase can be found.
He loves dice games, as they remind him of playing with his lost siblings before the
undead took them from his life.

Quinn has his father’s silver flute, and plays it when especially happy, or especially
nervous. Plays high pitched piercing notes with it to scare off cats. Always on the hunt
for new tunes to mimic. Music was a very important part of his coping with losing his
family and living alone in the woods.

He rarely keeps still, and is fidgety unless stalking his prey.

Quinn keeps a written journal of his exploits and thoughts.

He often leaves food leftovers in tribute to the forest and nature while traveling in a
Shintoist manner.

Quimbly Shortcloak

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