Kira Bly

Owner of the Lakespride lumberyard


Kira is a fair skinned, dark haired human with cold blue eyes. She has an effortless, casual beauty that makes more than a few folks wonder why she is single and running a lumberyard.


In the spring of 4708 AR, Kira Bly came into Lakespride looking to start a business. The local carpentry shop was best known for being run by the town drunk, so when she purchased it from him, no one was terribly upset. In less than two years, Kira turned the small shop into a booming business and eventually branched out to a full lumber yard. She runs her business efficiently and compassionately, and helps the community whenever she can. This has made her well-liked by the people of Lakespride, though some have a sense that the other shoe could drop at any moment.

Kira Bly

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