Hilda Martom


She is a tall, half-elven woman nearing middle age. She has blonde hair and green eyes, and carries herself proudly, if a little stiff.


Before Lady Kittenstouch married Lord Idolhands (Maccus’s parents), she was romantically involved with Sir Barrett. Hilda is the result of that relationship, a fact very few people are aware of.

Hilda is apparently in her 50’s, and has lived in Tamran off and on for several decades. At one point, she fell in with a traveling band of Varisians, where she learned the very real skill of fortune telling using a Harrow deck. Her abilities were impressive enough to attract the attention of Weslen Gavirk, the Forest Marshal and current leader of the Nirmathan military. Because of Hilda’s predictions, Nirmathas has anticipated the moves of Molthune and thus won several key military victories.

Hilda Martom

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