Terra Ignota

The Tomb

"Wasabi burns...."

27 Neth 4711, a Sunday

After the previous day’s excitement, Quimbly was awakened in the pre-dawn hours by his friend Kira. Something had happened, and some discretion was required….

In Kira’s lumberyard, a goblin lies dead alongside a human male. The man seems to have been part of the missing caravan, though perhaps infected with ghoul fever. Regardless, having a dead man in one’s lumberyard would be very bad for business, so Quimbly agreed to help dispose of the body. The two carried the bodies by cart deep into the woods, where they stumbled upon the rest of the caravan’s remains. After looting searching the caravan for items of interest, Kira and Quimbly left the bodies with the others found amongst the wreckage.

Quimbly returned to town to report the found caravan, only to learn about the group’s early morning encounter at the church. He borrowed a pony from Father Symys, and rode for Sir Barrett’s house. Once there, he quickly found the rest of the group within the tomb….

The Tomb
Once inside, Quimbly rejoined AuZHek, Karandrahan, and Maccus. The party searched the tomb, finding a locked room containing piles of deceased humans and goblins, including Sir Barrett, his sword, and a horn of fog. Further exploration revealed a small altar to Iomedae.

The final room, where Auzhek had shut the door on an unknown evil, remained. The paladin opened the door, and entered. He was immediately attacked by an undead creature which was at one time human. A brief but vicious battle ensued. When it was over, Quimbly was nearly slain and Auzhek was briefly paralyzed. The group recovered a necklace of an unusual metal, similar to adamantine.

Auzhek insisted on collecting Sir Barrett’s body, along with the other creature, and they took them back to town for proper funerals.



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