Terra Ignota


2 Kuthona 4711, a Fireday

Quimbly, Maccus and Karandrahan arrived in the capital city of Tamran, and went straight to Maccus’s family home. One of the wealthier families in town, the Idolhands have a small but well-appointed manor house that sits on Lake Encarthan. Moored at the dock is an impressive sailing yacht that the family owns and uses to leave Tamran when Molthune’s aggression gets too close.

The three arrived just in time for dinner with Maccus’s parents. When asked about Hilda Martom, Maccus’s father knew nothing, while his mother hesitantly gave an address where she could be found. The next day, they visited Hilda’s home only to find it empty, with guards posted outside. And so began some detective work….

Visiting the Forest Bounty feast hall, the group inquired with the barmaid if Hilda had been seen. Apparently, she was missing and others were looking for her as well. Stephanie described two men who had been staking out the hall, waiting for her to return.

Quimbly stayed in the feast hall gathering information, while Maccus and Karandrahan left to see if they could find more about the two stalkers. Checking local inns, and eventually finding where they were staying, Maccus bluffed his way into their room. After a quick search, Karandrahan found a scroll case and pouch of belladonna.

Quimbly learned that Hilda was a fortune-teller and skilled with a Varisian Harrow deck. She had been providing information to Forest Marshal Weslen Gavirk and the Nirmathas army. Because of her skills, the Nirmathans are very concerned for her safety.

Not long after Maccus and Karandrahan returned to the feast hall, Stephanie pointed out the two men who had been looking for Hilda. After a gruff conversation, the two men left with the others following them. Once outside, they saw one of the men duck into an alley. Karandrahan sent Ryvera to stop him, but he seemingly vanished. Maccus also pursued into the alley, when the man attacked from ambush. He revealed himself as a were-rat. A fight ensued, and even though outnumbered, his supernatural resistance to normal weapons proved superior. Eventually he escaped, but not before inflicting a nasty bite on Maccus. The town watched arrived just as the were-rat scrambled up the side of a building.




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