Terra Ignota

On the Road

30 Neth 4711, a Wealday

The town of Lakespride held a funeral for Sir Barrett, giving him full honors for his position and service. There were drinks and casseroles to be had at the inn, and everyone was good spirits considering. Maccus spoke eloquently at the funeral, bringing comfort to those who knew Barrett.

The following day, the mayor spoke with Maccus, Quimbly and Karandrahan about their next course of action —someone will have to deal with the strange fungus syphoning heat from Sir Barrett’s home. The mayor also asked the party to deliver a short letter to Tamran informing Barrett’s daughter Hilda Martom of his death; it was this task the group chose to deal with first.

On the first evening of travel, the party made camp and set watch. Maccus, on second watch, noticed an ivy-like plant slither off of a tree to towards the campsite. The creature was an assassin vine, and battle ensued. Karandrahan’s cheetah rushed into melee and was quickly grappled. The assassin vine caused the surrounding plants to entangle the group, while continuing to crush the cheetah. Maccus used a grease spell on the cat to allow it to escape. Quimbly cautiously approached the distracted plant and finished it off with a carefully placed thrust.

Wet cheetah sml



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