Terra Ignota

The Gathering

The current date is 26 Neth 4711, a Starday.

Maccus and Karandrahan start their morning hearing a crowd gathering. They find the merchant Riggen wounded and collapsed. Villagers help him to the Temple where Father Symys looks after his wounds. Quimbly is awakened by the ruckus and investigates as well.

Later that evening, goblins attack the village. Karandrahan helps a horse and fights a fire, while the others fight the creatures. K’s cheetah attacks and is nearly killed. M uses a grease spell and net, and Auzhek wades into hand-to-hand combat. Quimbly attacks with a sling, eventually uses sneak attack to finish the last goblin dog. One goblin escapes.

The mayor thanks them for their heroics, and gives them a bit of history about the goblins. Maccus recalls stories of Sir Barrett. Maccus springs for rooms and a dinner at the Inn. The group plans to see Symys in the morning, to heal the cheetah before heading out to visit Sir Barrett’s house.



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