Terra Ignota

A Secret Revealed

Help Wanted

The City Watch arrives • Wounds are treated but a cure fails • A talk with the Forest Marshal and a Pathfinder • Hilda’s secret is blood • Invest in silver • Grestle & Porter attack

Late in the evening of 3 Kuthona, a Starday.

The city watch’s arrival on the scene of the fight with the wererat chased it off. After Karandrahan briefly —and perhaps too bluntly— explained to the officers what had happened, the captain suggested the group return to the barracks with the squad to have their wounds treated and to report directly to officials. Auzhek the paladin arrived from Lakespride just as the scene was being cleaned up.

Once at the City Watch’s headquarters, Maccus expressed concern he may have been infected with lycanthropy from a were-rat bite. A healer by the name of Randal offered to assist, and determined Maccus was indeed cursed. Lacking the needed spell casting ability to remove the curse, Randal and Maccus tried more conventional treatment— Maccus ingested belladonna, and endured the poisonous effects in an attempt to remove the lycanthropy. Unfortunately, despite some magical and mundane assistance (spells and antitoxin) from Randal, this failed. Randal suggested the next thing to try would be to visit the Druid enclave known as Crystalhurst, deep in the Fangwood Forest.

Forest Marshall Weslen Gavirk and a group of advisors came in to see the companions. Weslen further stressed the importance of Hilda Martom to the military defense of Nirmathas. A representative of the Pathfinder Society, Reginar Lacklan, also offered insight into the two mercenaries hunting Hilda, the lyncanthropes Grestle and Porter. It was Grestle, a were-rat, that had bitten Maccus earlier in the evening. Reginar offered if the companions could deal with Grestle & Porter, he would be willing to sponsor the group for membership in the Pathfinder Society, an idea that greatly interested Quimbly.

The group returned to Maccus’s family home, planning to head to Crystalhurst first thing in the morning. Maccus’s mother discreetly pulled him out to the barn to reveal a secret. Hilda Martoum had been hiding at the estate for the previous day; furthermore, she was Maccus’s half-sister. Hilda was also bitten by Grestle, and likely cursed as well. If Maccus had only three days to get the cure, that meant Hilda only had two. Lady Idolhands begged Maccus to keep her secret, and escort her to the druids at Crystalhurst for help. She gave her son a large sum of money to help the group on their way.

The next morning, the companions made a quick run through town to purchase several silver weapons. They booked passage on a small river boat that took them upstream to the drop off point for Crystalhurst. As they made camp for the evening, Karandrahan and Quimbly scouted the area. Grestle and Porter had followed the group, and the two pairs blundered into each other. A battle ensued, with Grestle fighting the two small scouts, and Porter charging into the camp to attack the others. The two were-creatures were shocked to find their opponents had silver weapons, and were cut down before they could flee.

Crystalhurst is only a short journey away. Will the companions find the aid they need before time runs out and the curse of lycanthropy is irreversible?




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